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Expand your reach.
Engage with your audience... virtually.
Expand your reach.
Engage with your audience...
Expand your reach.
Engage with Your Audience...

Technology that enables real conversation and results.

Our secure, flexible, and scalable platform connects you with your entire audience. Reach the people who need to hear from you wherever they are, on any device. Used by world leaders, newsmakers, professional sports teams, entertainers, and advocacy organizations, Broadnet’s live interactive, and multimedia communications solutions are the missing piece of your engagement strategy. 


Elected officials at the local, state and federal levels rely on Broadnet’s platform to engage tens of thousands of constituents on the key public policy issues of the day.


Those who are running for any type of elected position can benefit from Broadnet's platform. Reach out, educate and engage your potential voters and turn them into supporters.


Top organizations that want to connect instantly with their memberships choose Broadnet to provide an interactive, multimedia platform.


From University alumni outreach to effective staff meetings, or even speaking with thousands of parents, Broadnet makes real-time connections a reality.


Entertainers, musicians, celebrities, authors and public speakers can reach thousands of fans — wherever they are, all at once — to share news, take questions, and build deeper relationships with fans.


Sports teams, both professional and collegiate, use Broadnet’s multimedia platform to provide secure and unique access to players, coaches and management, generating fan excitement year-round.


Inspire faith communities to take action. Broadnet is a trusted provider of multimedia events for faith-based organizations. Whether sharing the word, activating members or engaging parishioners, we have a proven platform for outreach, participation and measurable response.

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Broadnet offers industry-leading technology to virtually reach your audience.

We build audiences by convening multimedia conversations that delight participants, provide superior client service, and deploy innovative technology. For individuals, businesses, or organizations seeking to engage, influence, and grow their audience, Broadnet offers an unrivaled multimedia platform with proven success.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients are saying:

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"We are so pleased with how engaged our members were throughout the call. The entire process was flawless thanks to the Broadnet team!"

Government Affairs Coordinator
Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association
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"We are reaching more people more effectively and more meaningfully, which is essential for our priority of building and sustaining engagement with our members."

Senior VP of Marketing and Communications
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"I am very pleased with how the event went, the level of engagement we saw, and the media coverage that the event generated. This was definitely a success!"

Waco Independent School District
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"Thank you for having this meeting. I’ve never heard of calls being done like this. I appreciate you doing it."

Event Participant
Regional Transportation District
Access Live Event
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“It’s a simple thing for people to be able to pick up a phone and be able to talk to you, and that is our best way of reaching the public.

Director of Communications

“I appreciate this opportunity to participate in an event like this. It makes me feel that I am valued as a fan and have stake in this team.”

NFL Access Live Event
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"There is no way we could get this many members to attend an in-person event with an elected official. Our members are busy business owners, so we bring the elected officials to them – they don’t even have to leave their desks to participate directly. Access Live is an efficient and effective way to engage our members.

National Political Director
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