We changed our logo! Here’s why!

We have big news! After 15 years, we’re releasing a new look! As Broadnet’s technology and suite of products have evolved, so has our design. 

There’s a telephone town hall and then there’s Access Live.

What’s the difference between Access Live and a telephone town hall? Answer: A lot. Yes, both an Access Live event and a telephone town hall are virtual forums that permit a host to connect with [...]

How Access Live Helps Healthcare Systems Reach Their Communities

Over the past five years, multiple medical centers have used Access LiveTM technology to communicate with nearly half a million people through the course of more than

We don’t sell your data!

Recently in the digital world, headlines have focused on user data being obtained or sold. As consumers see millions of people’s personal data

How Healthcare Systems Use Access Live To Communicate Internally

Medical centers have hosted more than 160 Access Live events in order to communicate with nearly half a million people over the past five years.

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