Campaign Fundraising With Access Live

 In Build Your Strategy, Utilize the Technology

Candidates have been using Broadnet technology to raise money for their campaigns by allowing participants to donate in realtime with ease. Participants who choose to donate are seamlessly transferred to a call center where they can complete their donation, and then quickly return to the live event.

Strategies for successful campaign fundraising events:


To ensure those most likely to donate are on the phone right away, break up the list of phone numbers into active donors, past donors, and prospective donors. This strategy allows Broadnet to call the highest priority lists first.


Prior to the event, do a pre-call to help clean up the data. This strategy verifies which phone numbers are valid and allows you to replace any invalid numbers with additional phone numbers. This also serves as event promotion, which helps increase participation at the time of the event.


Keep people on the line by having a high-energy moderator who mentions instructions throughout the event on how to donate.


Make sure everyone has had a chance to donate and keep the phone lines open after the event.


Staff an abundance of operators at the call center where donations are being taken.


Allow people to request to be called the following day to donate.

If you have additional questions on fundraising through Access Live, contact us.

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