How Representatives are Using Technology to Speak About Impeachment

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Since Nancy Pelosi formally announced the impeachment inquiry of President Trump in September, representatives from both parties have used Access Live™ and Surveyor® technology to speak with their constituents and receive their thoughts on this timely topic. And elected officials and their staff have been able to host these events quickly and efficiently, with the turnaround time being an average of one day.

Elected officials have been busy hosting live, interactive events from their offices in Washington DC, inviting over 8.8 million of their constituents to join in on these two-way conversations. 

Each event has connected representatives to an average of 4,427 constituents, speaking with them for over 12.6 minutes about the subject of impeachment. Constituents get direct access to their representatives, who have answered a total of over 1,637 questions during these powerful events.

Access Live has also made it possible for elected officials to learn more about their constituents. By asking poll questions throughout the event, they are able to gauge the opinions of those they represent. Representatives and Senators have asked their constituents:

  • Based on the transcript of the call with the Ukrainian President, do you think the House should move forward with impeachment?
  • Do you support the impeachment inquiry into President Trump?
  • Do you believe Congress should be focused on impeaching President Trump or on other issues?
  • Do you support the recently announced impeachment inquiry into President Trump?
  • Do you support investigations of President Trump’s conversation with the leader of Ukraine in regard to his political opponent?

On average, these poll questions receive over 760 responses from participants, similar to the sample size of public opinion polls.


One representative asked their participants if they prefer interactive or physical town hall meetings and over 80% answered interactive. Another asked how many interactive town halls they’ve participated in and 76% said they’ve joined in more than one. Constituents not only want to speak with their elected officials right now, but they also enjoy the interactive platform and access they receive when they can join the conversation from wherever they are.

Representatives are also using Surveyor to poll their constituents about timely topics. Asking for participants to simply press a button on their keypad to answer questions, Surveyor invites elected officials to learn more about the opinions of their audience. In addition to questions regarding healthcare, immigration, and gun laws, Surveyor polls have been used to ask whether or not constituents feel President Trump should be impeached.

Now is the time to talk. Curious about how you can engage with constituents and learn more about how they feel about important and timely topics? Contact your Broadnet provider now.

How is Access Live different from a telephone town hall?

Statistics as of November 24, 2019.

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