It’s Not Too Late to Plan Q4!

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No matter the industry or the company, the 4th quarter can get hectic. It’s a stressful time of year, both professionally and personally, but don’t let that stop you from using it to your advantage. With a new year around the corner, Q4 is the perfect time to reorganize, reflect on the past three quarters, cross the finish line on any last goals, and prepare for the upcoming year.

Here are a few easy steps YOU can take this quarter to set your team up for success:


It’s never too late to create a plan of action for your Q4 communications. Develop a communications strategy for both internal and external purposes specific to Q4. This is a best practice to use at the beginning of each quarter to stay organized and on target to reach your quarterly and annual goals. Use a combination of paid, earned, digital, social, and direct marketing to speak with your audience. Look back at what you’ve accomplished in the past three quarters, how you did it, and how you can improve in the last few months of the year.

  • Did you successfully communicate with team members, clients, prospects and business partners? Is there a new or different way to reach them this quarter? Have you ever thought about using Access Live?
  • Did you launch a new product or service that you need to introduce/reintroduce to your clients/prospects?
  • Do you have online forms that are easy to fill out to gather additional leads, and are you contacting them in a timely manner?


Whether your company has revenue or lead generational goals to hit by the end of the year, Q4 is the time to shine. Some of your clients might have spending deadlines, or they are already considering next year’s budget, so it’s the right time to reach out and get clients buying. Continue your communication and marketing efforts to make sure you stay top of mind with your customers and prospects.

  • Create case studies that can influence the decision makers into adding your product/service to their budget.
  • Discuss how your products/services can address their company’s pain points.
  • Offer an end-of-the-year promotion to prospects to motivate them to purchase.


You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but why not clean up your database this winter? Since it tends to be a slower time of year, it opens up more resources to go through your database and make sure you start the next year off on the right foot by talking to the right people. Start brainstorming new ways to communicate that will help your clients go from prospects to buyers. Plus, you’ll feel so much better coming back from your holiday vacation to a database that’s ready for the next year!

Now is the time to prepare and execute. Finish the year off strong!

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