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Have you ever stopped to take in your surroundings, and realized more than half of the people around you are staring at their phones? Chances are, you just stopped looking at yours to check out the rest of the room. We live in a society that is able to be in constant contact with anyone and everyone they choose. We are relentlessly checking messages, emails, social media, chatting with friends and communicating with coworkers, or even strangers. We spend hours scrolling through pictures and reading about what is going on in the world, occasionally throwing a little thumbs up, or “like,” the poster’s way. Speaking of “likes,” let’s talk about their creator: Facebook.

According to Facebook, the site has over 1.4 billion (and counting) users who are active on a daily basis, making it the largest social media platform on the internet right now. Social media marketing is arguably the most effective way to communicate with your audience, which makes sense, right? Your audience is among those 1.4 billion Facebook users. You just have to reach them.

Here are some tips, tricks, and best practices for doing just that:

First, take a step back and ask yourself these two important questions:

What is my marketing objective? Who is my target audience?


Even if your goal is simply to get the word out about your brand, creating a Facebook business page for your company is a great start. Once you do so, think about the demographic you are trying to reach, and learn about them. You want to post content that actually applies to them – their lifestyle, occupation, interests, etc. You need them to not only hear about you, but feel that your product or service fits into their life.

Once you have a Facebook page for your business, follow these steps to success:

Create an experience for viewers.

By posting a mix of images, graphics, and videos, you keep things interesting and leave a more lasting impact on viewers. Videos allow you to communicate more information in a shorter time frame, and also evoke emotions and genuine reactions from viewers. Make them laugh or tear up, and most importantly, inspire them to follow your call to action of buying the product or service you’re offering. Here’s an example of a video posted by WestJet that went viral and hit everyone right in the feels:

Make sure your page is visible.

It’s not enough just to get customers to “like” your page. That alone won’t keep you top-of-mind over your competitors. Be sure to post consistently, and test out what times of day your target audience is most active online, or in other words, most likely to see and engage with your posts. Learn what type of content is most successful and gets the most engagement, and post more of it. This can create and/or strengthen your relationship customers by making them feel understood, important, and personally connected to your brand.

Be consistent.

Customers may get confused and be less likely to recognize your brand if what you’re showing them is all over the place. Your business most likely has brand guidelines, so stick to them on Facebook like you would in other mediums. That means your posts should all have a cohesive look and feel that matches marketing materials you put out other places. Be sure to include your logo in your posts if they include images, etc., to increase brand awareness as well.

Be responsive.

Let your followers know you’re not a robot; that your business is made up of real people who are like them. This creates a business-consumer bond and builds brand loyalty. If a customer has a complaint, address it professionally and publicly, and do the same in thanking followers for posting praise for your brand. Engage with them – that’s what Facebook is all about anyway, right?

On that note, try posting User Generated Content (UGC).

UGC is a great, not to mention, free, way to promote your brand. Basically, it means that your fans and followers market your product/company for you by posting testimonials, videos, and photos. For example, if you were to create a unique and fun hashtag that encouraged your followers to post an image going along with it, they could be featured on your page, enticing them to post about you. Boom. Free exposure for you, and a sense of inclusion for your followers.

Learn more about UGC here!

Don’t miss out on all of the interactive, impactful advantages Facebook has to offer. Engage your audience today! Click here to create a profile.

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