Virtually Engage Voters This Campaign Season

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With the election upon us during a time where meeting in-person and going door-to-door isn’t an option, candidates face the challenge of how to efficiently engage with and make an impact on voters.

Broadnet has effective virtual solutions for candidates to use this campaign season:

Access Live events have helped campaigns over the years connect with constituents and give them the opportunity to hear directly from candidates and support their campaigns. After dialing out to their supporters, as well as registered voters, hosts can give participants the option to transfer out of the event and be connected to a third-party call center where they can contribute to the campaign. They can also request to be called back after the event to make a donation. Candidates can also make use of Broadnet’s website integration to give participants the ability to contribute during the live event directly from their website.

Practicing social distancing during this time prevents candidates and their volunteers from going door-to-door during campaign season. As an alternative, candidates can host smaller Access Live events targeting specific neighborhoods, allowing for a more intimate discussion with voters with time to answer as many questions as possible. Think of these events as “Virtual Coffee with the Candidate.”

The landscape for rallies and campaign events has changed, and with it, campaigns are evolving and developing strategies to gather their supporters virtually. Access Live not only allows for them to dial out to their supporters on the phone, but candidates can also simulate a rally by hosting multi-site video events. On these events, candidates can have guest hosts join them to speak with their virtual crowd and reach constituents wherever they are and on their device of choice.

Add custom graphics, including lower thirds, slides, and calls-to-action in the candidate’s look and feel, plus a Production Specialist who works behind-the-scenes to make the event look high-quality, the participants will be delighted to be joining the rally from the safety of their own home.

Engage with an additional demographic of voters by dialing mobile devices during Access Live events. This can be done by building a registration list through SMS keywords, integrating the Access Live registration form on the campaign’s website, or by sending peer-to-peer text messages to invite them to dial into the event or stream online.

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