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At Broadnet, connecting people and brands to their audience is our goal. And there are many ways we help you achieve that. From giving your audience access to you, to learning more about what your audience thinks, we get people talking.

Broadnet reinvented the telephone town hall. Giving access to more than just people on the phone, we expanded your reach to those online and on social media.

Now, more than ever, people want human interaction. And our technology can help you deliver just that – from wherever you are to wherever your audience is. But don’t just take it from us.


[We] need to listen to and authentically engage with audiences, and they need to do it on that audience’s terms. Technology can help,” Forbes said.

Access Live™ events are multimedia conversations that get the right content, to the right people, on the right platform.


  • Deliver your content, conveniently from wherever you are.

  • Reach the right people and deliver your message to them wherever they are.

  • Host a two-way conversation, inviting your participants to ask you questions on the phone or online.

Plus, get to know your audience even better by asking for their feedback. Featuring the next generation of polling, Surveyor® helps you understand your audience better. Call a list of participants and instantly evaluate what they say. There’s never been an easier way to receive such valuable information.

Make a real connection with your audience and let them speak with you, giving them a sense of human interaction they’re looking for in this digital age. Hold a genuine conversation. Be authentic.

What are you waiting for? Start engaging and learning from your audience today.

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