You won the election. Now, expand your ability to engage.

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So, you’re officially a member of the 116th United States Congress. Congratulations! All the campaigning paid off – raising money, knocking on doors, advertising and rallying to beat your opponent. Now, what? Other than attending freshman orientation, hiring employees, and getting to work, keep in mind that constituents voted you into office and they want to hear from you! Broadnet’s suite of products can help you better engage with your constituents throughout your term. Below are suggestions for how new representatives can use Broadnet during their time in office.

Thank your constituents & continuously engage with them.

They are the ones who helped you get into office, so why not start your term by giving them some much deserved appreciation? While in D.C., host an Access Live™ video event to show off your new office, inviting constituents to a behind-the-scenes look at what their new representative is doing during his or hers first 90 days. After thanking your audience members who are listening wherever it is convenient for them (and however it is convenient – on their landline, mobile device, or watching online), briefly discuss your initial plans then answer their questions. They’re curious to find out more about their new representative. Access Live makes you accessible, enabling you to reach, hear, and inform a larger audience. Use this technology to continue the conversation throughout your term – make sure they know when you’re calling, what you’ll be discussing, and that you’re there to listen to them and answer their questions.

Identify your constituents’ priority issues.

Gain insight into your constituency with Surveyor®, an automated phone polling platform that calls out to your constituents and invites them to answer a series of pre-determined questions. Surveyor is an ideal way to gather data, and a comprehensive and affordable solution to any polling needs throughout your time in office. Decide what it is you want to learn from your constituency, choosing from a variety of ways to capture the data. Use sophisticated surveying features such as variation and routing, plus set specific quotas to help reach your goals. With advanced reporting, understand the high priority issues for your constituents and gather intelligence that can help you run better Access Live events. Strategically host Access Live events for people who answered a specific way on your Surveyor poll, or host an event about a specific topic you now know they want to discuss with you.

Instantly notify your constituents.

Make sure they are aware of any upcoming events or emergency communications. Send informative messages in a cost-effective and automated way with pre-recorded notifications. These can be used as a communications tool in emergency situations (such as a natural disaster or imminent threat), large-scale events that require last-minute updates, or even reminders of pre-planned events (in-person or Access Live). Broadnet’s automated communications comply with federal and state regulations, plus, you’ll receive results immediately.

Broadnet has over 15 years of experience, offering government officials a simple solution to the challenge of engaging communities and constituents. We also have many partners on the Hill that can help you plan out your communications strategy with our suite of products. Ask them to find out more about Broadnet and how we can help expand your ability to engage.

Want to learn more about what Broadnet has to offer? View our suite of products.

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