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Critical Healthcare Calls

 As Congress moves to sunset the continuous coverage requirement established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, states are required to make a “good faith effort to contact the individual” before disenrolling anyone from their plan. It is undeniable that the most effective outreach is done by contacting a person on their mobile phone. The FCC has determined, at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services, that state and federal agencies may call and text those enrolled in state Medicaid programs, Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), Basic Health Program (BHP), or Health Insurance Marketplaces to educate individuals on how to ensure continuous healthcare coverage for themselves and their families. 

As a trusted provider among federal, state, and local governments, Broadnet has unmatched expertise in stakeholder engagement.

Using phone numbers listed on original applications for coverage, Broadnet’s products can:

  •  Remind enrollees to respond to requests from agencies to renew their enrollment; 

  • Remind enrollees to contact their program to ensure their contact information is up to date; 

  • Remind enrollees to provide additional information, such as updated income information, for redetermination of eligibility; 

  • If the individual is no longer eligible for Medicaid, explain the actions they can take to enroll in another health coverage program. 

Broadnet technology provides the tools needed to inform individuals about their healthcare options.

The most secure SMS product on the market delivers text messages to your audience quickly, with various texting methods, including peer-to-peer, to motivate individuals to take action.

Elevated citizen engagement allows you to engage in two-way conversations with large audiences at once in order to educate enrollees and answer their questions. Individuals can join from any device, including landlines and mobile devices.

Add audio or video streaming to your telephone town halls to increase your reach and educate an even larger audience.

Call landlines and mobile phones with a pre-recorded message that recipients will hear when they pick up the call or as they listen to their voicemail later.

Gather information from enrollees with automated phone polling that invites participants to provide updated contact information.

Why Broadnet?

  • We are a trusted communications provider of federal and state governments.

  • Our effective engagement solutions notify and educate residents of all demographics.

  • Our suite of products enables a comprehensive omnichannel approach to citizen outreach that reaches people wherever they are.

  • Our enhanced security package is standard for every client who uses our platform.

Learn how to use Broadnet to encourage healthcare enrollment.