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Reaching and Interacting with Residents during COVID-19

In a time when traditional resident engagement has been disrupted, counties have relied on virtual town halls to provide updates and accurate information. Access Live technology allows local governments to connect with residents virtually while also inviting expert hosts to share reliable data while answering pertinent questions.  These events help counties build public trust and receive measurable data.

Watch highlights from the virtual demo:

Click on the images below to begin watching short highlight clips from the National Association of Counties/Broadnet demo.

Introduction to Wendy Holmes, Douglas County, CO
Wendy Holmes of Douglas County, Colorado, discusses how her county was beginning to lose the ability to unify their community, and needed a way to present accurate information and reliable resources to their residents:
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Changing Tools & Measurable Results
In the era of COVID-19, your communications toolbox changes. Access Live is a strategy and platform that has given Arapahoe County measurable impact and will remain in their toolbox. Learn how Arapahoe County is using it beyond just COVID-19 outreach:
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“We absolutely will continue to use this.”
Hear how Arapahoe County will implement Access Live as an ongoing communications tool:
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How to prepare for an Access Live event
Hear Wendy Holmes and Michelle Halstead discuss how easy it was for their teams to prepare for Access Live events:
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Video Component
Douglas County commissioners wanted to have their face in front of their constituents, but COVID-19 prevented that. With video, they are literally having conversations with people who can see them.
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Success Stories

Read success stories from organizations and state and local governments, who have been able to reach out to residents – all from the safety and comfort of their own homes – to communicate important information and provide updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Arapahoe County


Healthcare Company


City of Littleton


City of Commerce City


City of Arvada



Watch the demo

In case you missed our virtual demo with the National Association of Counties, watch it below:

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