Important Notice About New Surcharge

One of our core values at Broadnet is to provide a quality and superior service to each and every one of our customers. We take pride in going above and beyond to improve security, advocate for compliance, and increase the number of participants that engage with our clients.

Given the current inflation landscape, increased operating costs, and increased network management services, we will be implementing a surcharge of 5.5%. This change will go into effect on August 1, 2022.

We want to ensure Broadnet can continue to deliver its fundamental features and the exceptional customer service and support that we hope makes us essential to your organization. This change will allow us to continue investing in a talented, innovative team, refining and designing our products and features, and making them more secure than ever.

Broadnet also invests in understanding regulations and ensuring that we have a seat at the table when considerations that could impact our platform are being made. Our Network Management Services have become standard on every Broadnet broadcast, so you can rest assured that we deliver quality calls.

    • Confidence with Carriers | Our work on STIR/SHAKEN allows for greater trust across carriers, improved caller reputation scoring, and successful navigation of phone networks.
    • Increased Caller Identity | We want people to know who is calling, so you have a greater participation rate. We work with carriers to verify that our Custom Caller IDs display the correct name and that our clients’ numbers have a reputable spam score.
    • Number Portability | Our technology identifies and removes phone numbers that should not be called (landlines versus mobile phones).

For events (including all features used) and broadcasts that take place on or after August 1, 2022, you will see a 5.5% Network Management Services surcharge on each Broadnet invoice. The surcharge total will be based on the entire invoice, including event features. Current subscriptions and packages are not subject to the surcharge. You will not see the surcharge on any invoices until August 1, 2022.

Broadnet wouldn’t be what it is today without your continued support. If you have any urgent questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!