Access Live vs. Telephone Town Hall

There’s a telephone town hall and then there’s Access Live.

We reinvented the telephone town hall.

You’ve heard of a telephone town hall… a virtual forum that permits a host to connect with their audience over the phone. Participants can hear what the host has to say. It’s an easy way to virtually speak with a large number of people and share a message.

But it seems as if the response to someone hosting a “telephone town hall” or a “teletown hall” has been negative. They’re seen by team members as an outdated way to communicate with audiences.

Innovative & Industry-Leading Technology

So, how are elected officials, associations, schools, sports teams, and organizations effectively speaking to and engaging audiences in a two-way conversation from wherever they are? How are they reaching more participants than they do with telephone town halls and in-person meetings, plus, receiving positive feedback from their audience? Access Live.

  • "I feel so much more connect to our city now."

    Access Live Participant
  • "The whole time I was participating in your event I was thinking, why don't all mayors do this in their cities? What a great idea!"

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “This is such a wonderful way, using modern technology to be a transparent servant of the people in my district.”

    Elected Official using Access Live
  • “Wow, this is awesome that I get to talk to you. I really like what you’re doing with this technology to get us all together at the same time.”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “I would just like to tell you that this was a very informative way to let us know what is going on. I hadn’t thought a lot about voting, but after hearing from you, know that I will vote for you.”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “Thank you for having these Access Live events, they’re convenient and gives your constituents the ability to stay informed.”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “I really appreciate this style of conversation. I cannot make in-person town hall meetings due to my schedule, but with this Access Live event, it worked very well for me. Thank you.”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “I’m really glad you’re doing this Access Live event, it’s a really interesting way to stay connected with all of us in your district. Thank you for doing this.”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “Thank you so much for having this. This is fantastic!”

    Participant on Access Live event
  • “Thank you so much for figuring out the technology, I’m so glad I was able to listen in. Kudos for reaching out and being proactive and getting this information out to your constituents.”

    Participant on Access Live event

Give Participants Flexibility

Access Live events invite participants to get direct access to you by phone, mobile device, or participating on your website or Facebook page – from anywhere they are (at home, at work, even while they’re commuting, cooking, or doing laundry). Reach more constituents by hosting your event on multiple platforms.

Host Directly from your office

Easily host the event remotely from your office, saving time and money while consistently speaking to your audience. Get direct access to a dedicated Account Management team to help you strategize your events, a dedicated Event Specialist who manages your events, and a Customer Care team that is committed to making your events successful.

Gain Valuable Information

Get a better understanding of your audience by asking them questions they can answer on their keypad or on your website’s streaming player. Use this powerful data to help you figure out what your participants are looking for, and help you improve your communication strategy.

Why settle for a telephone town hall when you can engage like never before with Access Live?