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An easy and cost effective way to engage your audience with video streaming

Best Practices

Host a Successful Event

Get the most out of your Access Live events by following our best practices.

Engage Your Audience with Streaming Video

Online audiences are growing FAST! With big brands and major social media platforms racing to build streaming technology, it’s no secret that video streaming is the next big thing for digital communication. TeleForum Video puts you front and center, allowing you to video stream your TeleForum events directly to your website and other social and digital platforms.

Unlike other video streaming platforms, TeleForum Video enables two-way communication, allowing you to talk to your audience AND give them the opportunity to speak with you! Not ‘Likes’. Not tweets. Real, engaging conversation.

Allow Your Audience Total Access

Give your audience access to you and let them choose how they participate.


Engage Consistently, with Purpose

Speak with your audience about topics that are important to them. Think about giving them unique access to a guest host who is an expert on that topic!


Stream to Various Audiences

Streaming your Access Live events allows for your audience to listen or watch your event online, because sometimes the phone isn't the best way to reach them. There are a few things to keep in mind when streaming, either audio or video.


TeleForum Video Kit

Vary the Time and Day

Hosting events at different times and during different days of the week gives your audience access to you when they're able to make your event. Reach more engaged participants during the day, or reach a larger audience in the evening.


TeleForum Video Kit

Collect Data

Get to know your audience before and during your Access Live events. With live instant polls and Surveyor®, you can collect data to guide your conversation and engagement strategy.



Get Every Angle with Multiple Cameras

Our TeleForum Video kit contains two cameras to capture every angle, creating a first-class experience that keeps participants engaged longer.

Control the Conversation with Moderated Q&A

Our video Q&A tools allow you to rank and group questions as they come in, making it easy for the moderator to choose popular topics that create the best, most engaging conversation.

Syndicate to Digital Platforms

Increase your video reach by broadcasting your TeleForum Video event to your website and leading social platforms including Facebook Live or YouTube.

Promote Your Message with Calls-to-Action

Have a call-to-action, brand or sponsor you want to promote during your event? We can help with that! Our technology gives you the ability to overlay sponsor logos and calls-to-action while directing users to clickable URLs in the posting text.

TeleForum Video Kit

Easy Set Up in 5 Minutes or Less

The portable TeleForum Video streaming kit contains everything you need to make your event a high-quality production. Cameras, cables and stands are all color coordinated to make set up a breeze and the durable case makes it easy to go from location to location.

Production Specialist

Dedicated Production Specialist

Similar to an Event Specialist, your Production Specialist is included with every TeleForum Video event and is there to handle all the technical details. They'll transition between cameras and mix in graphic overlays so you can focus on your message!

Case Study

A Broadnet user held both Basic Access Live and Total Access Live events. See how Total Access Live increased the audience number and engagement.

Learn More About Access Live Events

Choose a Basic Access Live event or a Total Access Live event - two options that will amplify your engagement strategy.


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