Reach your audience by text message.



Easily send a text message to your entire audience.

Engage with the people who matter to you, wherever they are.

Send information with a unique text message that will captivate your audience’s attention.

Create informative messages with content that can include a link to a website or registration form, plus, use autoresponders to send a response instantly after people text a specific keyword.

of texts are read within 2 minutes.

Communicate with your audience where they are.

Did you know that 98% of text messages are read within 2 minutes? Compared to other marketing tools, the open rate of text messages is unrivaled. Make a connection with SMS Broadcast – reaching your audience on the device, and in a method, they use the most.

We make it easy for you to set up your SMS Broadcast.

We will provide you guidance and recommendations on your text message content, link shortening, autoresponders, and other options. Once everything is approved, your text will be sent to your list of mobile devices!

Your message will be received by your audience.

Your message will be received by your audience. They will have the option to click the link you provide in the message or opt-out – all of which is included in your engagement report. They will only opt-out of text messages and remain on your main contact list for Access Live events.

Text Message Autoresponders

Quickly and easily create new lists of engaged recipients who respond with your specific keyword.

Send information with a unique text message that will captivate your audience’s attention.

Autoresponders are automatic text messages that instantly and automatically go to any recipient who replies to you. There are two types of autoresponders:

Set up a message that people will receive regardless of what they send to you. These auto responses can include content such as further contact information or a reminder of how to opt-out.

Create a keyword and ask recipients to text it back to you to receive further action from you. When they send that keyword to your toll-free number, it will trigger your auto response text message. You can ask your audience if they want to join, confirm, or learn more and the auto response will provide instant information or confirmation.


Your SMS Broadcast could include:

Toll-free Number

Broadnet will provide a toll-free number that will be associated with your client account.

Custom Content

Customize your 160 character message to include pertinent information, a shortened link, a call-to-action and more.


Send messages instantly and automatically to any recipient who replies to you.

Track Engagement

Track the engagement of your message such as how many people clicked on your shortened link and who opted-out.


Broadnet SMS Broadcast text message campaigns are compliant with TCPA.

Professional Recommendations

Receive professional recommendations on timing and content of your message for the best results.

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