Consistent Communication with Constituents
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Communicate Consistently

Your constituents want to hear from you regularly.

Constituents want a chance to use their voice, speak their concerns, ask questions, and hear firsthand what is happening with issues that are the most important to them.

A United States Senator used Access LiveTM technology to dial out to more than 3.5 million constituents over the course of 66 events, in an effort to frequently communicate with them. During the events, this senator often mentions the importance of giving the “power to the people.”


6,400 participants having entered the queue to ask a question by phone.

900+ participants left voicemails (average of 14 voicemails per event) containing follow-up questions and comments after the events were over.

By utilizing the video streaming feature, the senator was able to connect on a deeper level with his constituents and make them feel as though they had even more access to him, like an in-person town hall without the hassle.

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