City of Littleton
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Utilize technology to expand your reach

Allow those that cannot attend an in-person town hall to be able to participate.

The City of Littleton hosts regular in-person town hall meetings, with an average of 20 attendees. In an effort to include more residents, they utilized Access Live technology during their latest town hall meeting to increase their participation by 98%.

The live video feed was streamed to their website to make the town hall more available. As a result, 162 residents were able to watch the event from wherever they were. To smoothly host an in-person town hall with a virtual component, the City of Littleton had in-person attendees fill out questionnaires that were given to the panel to answer. Questions from phone and online participants were taken live throughout the town hall. This gave all participants the ability to join the conversation.

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The meeting on Wednesday was good! We attended by phone and appreciated having that option.”

-City of Littleton Phone Participant

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