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Reaching Your Community Virtually During COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, cities have faced the issue of connecting with residents to provide updates and accurate information regarding the pandemic. Access Live technology expands cities’ ability to connect with residents virtually, while also inviting expert hosts to share reliable data while answering pertinent questions.  These events help cities stay in touch with their community, build public trust, and ensure that crucial information is more accessible than ever before.

Watch highlights from the virtual conversation:

Click on the images below to begin watching short highlight clips from the National League of Cities/Broadnet event with Clay Curtin, Public Engagement Manager of Menlo Park, California.

Introduction to Clay Curtin, Menlo Park, CA
We introduce Clay Curtin, Public Engagement Manager for the City of Menlo Park, California, who has used Access Live technology to reach residents during the pandemic. Find out how he and his team reacted when COVID shut down normal communications.
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Challenges Cities Face During COVID-19
What would you say is the biggest challenge for cities to get information in front of residents when you can't meet in person? Hear Clay Curtin, Public Engagement Manager for the City of Menlo Park answer.
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Using Access Live Post-Pandemic
Will Access Live still be a part of the City of Menlo Park's communication strategy post-pandemic? Hear how Clay Curtin describes what his team sees as the future of communication.
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Access Live vs. In-Person Meetings
How does Clay Curtin, Public Engagement Manager for the City of Menlo Park, compare the participation of Access Live virtual town halls vs. traditional in-person meetings?
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Would You Recommend Access Live?
Would Clay Curtin recommend Access Live technology to other cities? Hear his answer by watching the clip below.
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Success Stories

Read success stories from organizations and state and local governments, who have been able to reach out to residents – all from the safety and comfort of their own homes – to communicate important information and provide updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Arapahoe County


Healthcare Company


City of Littleton


City of Commerce City


City of Arvada



Watch the Access Live event

In case you missed our virtual discussion with the National League of Cities, watch it below:

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