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Let Broadnet help you reach your goal of improving reach and engagement among voters, donors, and supporters through flexible, reliable, and secure technology, driving measurable results in fundraising, data acquisition, and calls to action.

Broadnet Campaign Solutions

Broadnet is a technology innovator offering ample choices of integrated products to help candidates better engage and understand their voters throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, reaching all of their voters virtually, including on their mobile phones. Campaigns at every legislative level, including candidates in local, state, and federal elections, have used Broadnet as part of their campaign strategy.

Access Live Answer

Access Live Answer calls voters without using a pre-recorded message at the beginning of the event. Instead, a live Lobby Greeter welcomes participants and invites them to join the conversation. This exclusive technology allows candidates to share their campaign message and goals with every demographic, answer participant questions, and collect donations.


Use VoiceNotify to send get-out-the-vote messages and notify them of other important campaign updates. You can conveniently send a pre-recorded voice notification to landlines and individuals who have opted-in to your list. Alternatively, connect with voters on their mobile phones through a live Lobby Greeter who will deliver your message to those who pick up the call.


Broadnet’s SMS TXT is a secure texting product that can be used as a standalone product or combined with any other Broadnet product. Offering fully outsourced application-to-person (A2P) and peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging, campaigns can send SMS and MMS broadcasts to supporters with flexibility and reliability, allowing for smooth and timely communication.


Surveyor automated polling is ideal for connecting with and gathering data from voters on both landlines and mobile phones. Surveyor is a comprehensive solution for campaign polling needs, with sophisticated features and reporting that help visualize responses. Get the results of a live call center but in a fraction of the time and cost and on an automated platform.

How Can You Use Broadnet?


Spark Awareness

Elevate your political campaign’s visibility. Our platform offers various communication channels, ensuring your message reaches all demographics with precision and impact. We offer political campaigns unparalleled outreach solutions.


Inspire Action

Transform awareness into action. Our campaign tools create a dynamic environment that encourages individuals to actively participate and make meaningful contributions through donations, volunteering, and voting.


Engage Effectively

We redefine effective engagement for political campaigns. Leverage our innovative platform to connect, resonate, and drive meaningful interactions that will make your campaign unforgettable.

Broadnet Key Differentiators

Commitment to Security

By adhering to FedRAMP requirements, Broadnet technology can assure the campaign that its communications are protected, meeting stringent security, risk management, and compliance standards.

Event Customization

Each event can be tailored to match campaign preferences, including various event lengths and unique features, such as patented Q&A screening technology.

High-Quality Streaming

Use audio or video streaming to increase virtual town hall reach and syndicate content across official campaign platforms.

Dial Mobiles

Our innovative solutions enable campaigns to dial both landlines and mobile phones during virtual town halls.

Dedicated Support Team

Experience streamlined organization and communication throughout the campaign with a specialized campaign team that manages everything Broadnet and is available to consult on strategy, debrief, and gain deeper insights into campaign goals, allowing for effective collaboration and tailored support.

Success Story

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