Expand your audience and gain support.

Political Campaign Messaging Software

Now is the time to make an impact on potential voters.

Those looking to become elected officials at the local, state and federal levels rely on Broadnet’s platform to engage tens of thousands of voters and educating them on their platform.

Success Story

Have an election to win? Learn how other candidates have utilized technology to help them gain support with voters.


New Candidates

Find and build relationships with supporters.

Refine campaign messaging and public policy proposals by hearing what the electorate has to say, including real-time polling. Like a town hall, this digital platform gives you the ability to share your campaign message and answer questions from residents – anywhere they are. Reach them on their device of choice: landline, mobile phone, online, and on social media. Expand campaign website engagement by collecting registrations while also streaming video and audio.

Calls-to-action on your Access Live page can link to donation pages, volunteer opportunities, endorsements, and other ways to engage.


Potential voters want to get to know their candidates. Use Access Live to allow people to talk with you and get to know the authentic side of you. Gain their support and turn potential voter into a supporter.

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Host an Access Live event or send a Surveyor poll and ask your audience questions about how they are feeling heading into the election and voting decisions. Learn where you need to increase your efforts.

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Candidates up for Reelection

Solidify support and collect data from current supporters, while expanding your outreach.

Continue to reach out to supporters – all at once – during your campaign to restate your policy positions and answer their questions. Use these events to help convince undecided voters why they should vote for you. The data from this new audience can help you strategically speak to those who are undecided. With marketing assistance from Broadnet, use your current data, along with Access Live<sup>™</sup> data, to communicate with supporters about in-person events, how to donate, volunteer opportunities, and endorsement announcements.


Host an Access Live event or send a Surveyor poll and ask your audience questions about how they are feeling heading into the election and voting decisions. Learn where you need to increase your efforts.

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Stream In-person Events

Increase the audience by streaming your in-person events.

Increase your reach during in-person events. During rallies and in-person town halls, you may be limited to speaking only to the people who are present. Extend your audience to those who aren’t there physically by streaming high-quality video of it to your website and social media pages.

Set the foundation of your relationship with voters by including each and every one of them in your events.


Don’t miss out on meeting your supports in person. Allow the ones that can’t attend to participate virtually. They will appreciate being included and you will get your message out to more people.

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Reach your goals
Use Broadnet’s platform and strategies to gather your current audience, find the people connected to you and discover those you need to meet.


Identify and engage with potential supporters who might not be aware of your campaign, who didn’t vote in the last election, or who are undecided about who they will vote for in the upcoming election. With Broadnet’s digital advertising platform, find the people you need to meet, and turn them into people who are connected and engaged with you – and ultimately, supporters who will vote for you.

Broadnet provides campaign planning and management expertise, as well as a connection to all major digital ad exchanges, to help you find and keep a new audience. With a custom proposal to fit your goals and budget, Broadnet will strategize with you to find the right audience. Using the latest digital advertising technology, strategic messaging and creative imagery, your campaign will reach the key voters to your election.

Create awareness with this audience and develop a relationship with them, providing relevant content and communication. In conjunction with Access Live events, digital advertising can help you convert undecided voters into supporters.


We’d love to learn more about your goals.