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Video Streaming

Introducing Broadnet’s solution to hosting a video event with multiple hosts in multiple locations.

Using Broadnet® technology, you can easily host a high-quality video streaming event with numerous hosts joining from different locations. Our multi-site video streaming product invites your audience to see all of the hosts simultaneously. Broadnet’s product produces a refined video, similar to a broadcast television program. Unlike most video products on the market, which are a one-way conversation, Broadnet’s video product allows for interaction from your audience. Participants can engage with hosts in a remote, secure, and interactive conversation by typing in questions and answering polls while viewing the video on your website.

Broadnet’s production team is with you every step of the way to produce a premium streaming event.

Easy Enhancement

No software required.

There is no software required when hosting a multi-site video event with Broadnet. All you and your guest hosts need is a laptop with a camera and microphone or smartphone, and an internet connection.


High-Quality Production

The extra details that create a professional production.

Create a premium quality stream with our extra production levels. A Broadnet Production Specialist will work behind-the-scenes to ensure your video streaming event runs smoothly, which includes adding custom graphics, such as lower thirds, to the stream when appropriate.

Watch and learn!

See how it works.

Our Broadnet team hosted a multi-site video event to tell you a little bit more about how it works, what’s included, plus give you a better idea of what our events look like.

What’s Included:

  • Up to 8 people on camera and phone audience
  • Custom video assets designed in your look and feel
  • Technical assessment prior to your event
  • Share a slideshow presentation, up to 10 slides, and video clips throughout your event
  • A multi-site video expert to manage your event
  • 60-minute event**
  • Simulcast to Facebook


Click on the questions to see what else you need to know about Broadnet’s video streaming product.

What do I need to host a multi-site video event with Broadnet?

Hosting a multi-site video with Broadnet is easy. Video hosts will need a device with a camera and microphone (for example: a smartphone, tablet, laptop, webcam) and a good internet connection.

If hosts would like to enhance their audio, they can use a Bluetooth or USB microphone. To ensure a strong internet connection throughout the event, hosts can connect an Ethernet cable to their modem/router.

What do I get when I host a multi-site video event with Broadnet?

One host or up to 8 hosts are able to join from multiple locations, holding a remote and virtual event for their audience to see them. Plus, hosts can pair it with Broadnet’s phone technology, calling up to a million additional participants to invite them to engage on the phone. Hosts can also get their phone audience to become part of their video stream audience by announcing the stream link during the event.

A Broadnet video event includes:

  • A video producer that works with hosts in pre-production, live production, and post-production
  • Custom graphics designed with your logo and branding
  • A Technical Assessment to ensure proper connections and sound/video quality
  • Three video clips to highlight your event along with the edited full video to share

How many hosts can be on a multi-site video event?

In total, Broadnet’s software can handle anywhere from 1 to 8 video hosts, but we recommend starting with 4 hosts on screen.

What is a technical assessment?

A technical assessment takes place prior to your multi-site video event. Once your event is booked, a Broadnet video producer will reach out to you to find a time to virtually meet with the video hosts during a 30- to 60-minute call. The length of the meeting is dependent on how many hosts are going to be connected on video.

After setting a date and time for your meeting, Broadnet’s video producer will send you directions on how to join. During the meeting, the video producer will walk hosts through the step-by-step process to get their devices connected to our production platform in order to stream from each host’s camera device.

Is a technical assessment necessary?

Although it is not necessary, we do recommend a technical assessment prior to a video event to ensure each host can connect to our production platform.

What information can be included in custom graphics?

Information for hosts must be sent to Broadnet 3 business days prior to the event. Please include:

  • The confirmed number of hosts who will be on video and number of hosts who will be joining by phone (if any)
  • Names and titles of each of the hosts, both on video and on the phone
  • If available, a headshot of each host
  • Any other calls to action you want to display during the event

Can I play a video or present a PowerPoint slideshow during my video event?

Yes, and yes! Prior to the event, speak with the Broadnet video producer to let them know if you will be adding in a video or presentation to your event. We will need the assets 24 hours prior to the event, plus instructions on when to showcase.

How do I integrate the streaming player onto my website?

After you book your event, a Broadnet Customer Care team member will send you a link to a website integration form to fill out. Once we receive that from you, our Production team will work on getting a custom website code created for you. Your website team will create a landing page for the event (we suggest and insert the code when it is sent over to you. You can include other items on this page, such as resources, links to other pages, and calls-to-action.

Can I stream the video event to Facebook?

Yes, your video event can be streamed simultaneously to your website and Facebook page. An administrator on the Facebook page in which it will be streamed must be logged into Facebook and dialed into the Broadnet phone bridge 30 minutes prior to the event start time. Directions will be given to them from there!

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Live Streaming Packages
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* Phone component priced separately based on list size & inbound minutes.
** Extra cost for additional streaming hours. 4 hours maximum.

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