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Quickly and efficiently call your audience with important information.

VoiceNotify messages are a better way to send important – and often urgent – information to large audiences quickly and efficiently. VoiceNotify provides the ability to send thousands of informative messages in a cost-effective, secure, and automated way.

Send a pre-recorded voice notification to landlines and individuals who have opted-in to your list. Alternatively, connect with

audience members on their mobile phones* through a live Lobby Greeter who will deliver your message to those who pick up the call.

Personalized, automated pre-recorded messages connect you with your audience to share breaking news and essential information.

Use VoiceNotify for emergency communications, large-scale events that require last-minute updates, and event reminders.

View your results immediately. You will have access to a dashboard with detailed charts, graphics and statistics following your event.

*Additional fees may apply for the Lobby Greeter services.

Built-In Do-Not-Call Compliance Tools

Broadnet’s VoiceNotify has a unique do-not-call (DNC) feature designed to streamline the DNC request process. This feature eliminates the need for any human intervention when a recipient has a DNC request. A call recipient can easily request to be added to a client’s DNC list by pressing 9, disconnecting them from the call, and adding them to the client’s DNC list in our system. We also provide a toll-free number that can be used for answering machine messages for recipients to call back and add their number to the DNC list. All DNC requests are processed within 24 hours, and our system will automatically prevent future dials from the corresponding client’s account. There is no need to manually add numbers to a DNC list or scrub them – just ensure the correct prompts are recorded in your sound file, and we take care of the rest for you.

Secure & Reliable Notifications

By adhering to FedRAMP requirements, VoiceNotify protects client communications, meeting stringent security and risk management standards. As always, our networks provide the capacity, security, and call clarity to ensure the highest quality connections with speed and efficiency.

Patch-Through Calls

With VoiceNotify Transfers, you can offer to transfer call recipients directly to another number or even have them record a voicemail message. Drive engagement and action with a touch of a button.

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