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Quickly and efficiently notify your audience with important information.

For clients who need to send important – and often urgent – information to large audiences quickly and efficiently, our notifications service provides the ability to send many thousands of informative voice and text messages in a cost-effective, automated way.

Pre-recorded voice messages are sent to phone numbers and can be heard when your recipient picks up the phone or listens to their voicemail.

Easily send texts with SMS Broadcast, creating informative messages that can include a trackable URL and autoresponders.


Emergency Alerts

Emergency service communications, large-scale events that require last-minute updates, and even reminders for pre-planned events, may benefit from Notifications.


Reach your audience as needed — and know that our automated communications comply with federal and state regulations. As always, our networks provide the capacity, security and call-clarity to ensure the highest quality connections with speed and efficiency.

immediate results

Immediately following your Notifications broadcast, you have access to a dashboard with detailed charts, graphics and statistics.

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