How Healthcare Systems Use Access Live To Communicate Internally

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Medical centers have hosted more than 160 Access Live™ events in order to communicate with nearly half a million people over the past five years. Although there are many ways for hospitals to use this technology to reach their large audiences, one specific, successful use, is for internal communication.

Many medical centers have sizeable staffs, or even multiple campuses, making it hard to reach everyone, everywhere, at once. Access Live is the solution to this problem. Giving employees the option to stream the event online or join by phone, allows them to take part in the conversation from any device and location that is convenient for them.

Here are a few cases where medical centers used Access Live events to reach large internal audiences:

One hospital utilized Access Live to speak about the employee feedback received after conducting an all-staff survey. The event was used as a platform for addressing comments, concerns, and questions voiced by employees through their survey responses. This event, like many others, utilized the option to run poll questions throughout. By using polls, the client was able to collect exactly the information they were looking for, while also making it easy for participants to give their answers.

Examples of poll questions used during internal healthcare events:

  • Some reports cite that for every hour physicians are seeing patients, they are spending nearly two additional hours on paperwork. How does this compare to your tie with patients versus performing administrative tasks?
  • Out of all the potential health care issues likely to be discussed in Washington, which one of them most impacts your work, either clinically or administratively?
  • How much was spent on health care in the United States in 2016?

These poll questions helped the organization to learn what their employees know, what they may need to be further educated on, as well as the opinions and honest feedback from employees with specific job duties. Plus, after the event was over, they received the responses to their questions in one organized, easily navigable place for future use.

A Unique Use For Access Live

A transfusion medicine organization used an Access Live video event in a way unlike any other client before. The event was used to announce and walk its employees through a total rebrand of the company. Because the company has offices all over the United States, they needed a way to involve all of their employees without everyone being in the same room. They solved this problem by hosting their event at the company headquarters, while the rest of the offices around the country streamed it online. Access Live was the ideal way to communicate with employees about the rebranding due to the need for participants to be able to visually walk through the new branding components, such as the logo, colors, and new overall look and feel.

Internal communication is just one of many ways Access Live events can be used by healthcare organizations to engage with their audiences. Click here to read about how healthcare systems use Access Live to communicate with their communities.

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