How Access Live Helps Healthcare Systems Reach Their Communities

 In Increase Engagement, Utilize the Technology

Over the past five years, multiple medical centers have used Access Live™ technology to communicate with nearly half a million people through the course of more than 160 events. These events covered a multitude of topics, such as healthcare, making healthy lifestyle choices, the patient/doctor relationship, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, exercise, creating personal care plans, and so much more.

Healthcare community outreach events facilitate an engaging atmosphere that allows organizations such as hospitals to learn about current and potential patients in terms of what they think about an organization, want to know, and what matters most to them. An important aspect of Access Live events is that they grant participants the feeling of being listened to, which helps build and solidify a relationship between the host of the event and its participants. Most people would agree that it’s crucial for patients to feel that they can trust the place they turn to for their medical needs and emergencies. These events help create that sense of security by giving participants a place to voice their opinions and complaints, as well as give feedback about specific topics and ask their own questions.


Many healthcare industry events have taken advantage of the option to conduct polls. In fact, a total of 21,958 poll responses have been collected during these events. That’s a lot of valuable information, which these organizations can analyze and put to use in order to improve the quality of their patient care, medical facilities, and more. This feature creates a convenient avenue for receiving feedback from current or past patients and/or community members in regard to the quality of care they experienced (or expect to) at their facility, as well as asking questions to get the specific information they are looking for. Polls also allow for gathering valuable information about potential patients’ lifestyles, family medical histories, values, and more, in order to better serve the surrounding community.

Examples of poll questions used by healthcare systems on these events:

  • What hospital are you most likely to visit?
  • Did you receive a flu shot this year?
  • In comparison to other hospitals, do we provide the same quality of care?
  • What is the most important thing that we can focus on to deliver the best outcomes and experiences for our patients?

Participant Questions

The option for hosts to take questions allows participants to feel like they are part of a two-way conversation. Medical centers can use participant questions to gain an understanding of what people want to know about their facility, and/or healthcare in general, as well as learn what people already know. At the same time, having the chance to ask a question lets participants gather information that they want to have, while giving them the feeling that they are being listened to, and that their support matters to the organization.

Examples of questions asked by participants on these events:

  • I’m going to be enrolling in Medicare. Regardless of the plan, will it be considered in network by your healthcare system?
  • Can stress increase cholesterol?
  • Does a plant-based diet help decrease heart disease?
  • Is a mammogram really necessary and if so when?
  • When is the best time for a Shingle’s vaccine?

Access Live events can be used by healthcare organizations for many purposes, community outreach being just one of them. The healthcare industry is unique in that there are many different people that fall under their audience. Click here to read about how healthcare systems can use Access Live events to speak ­internally with employees across multiple campuses.

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