There’s a telephone town hall and then there’s Access Live.

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What’s the difference between Access Live and a telephone town hall?

Answer: A lot.

Yes, both an Access Live event and a telephone town hall are virtual forums that permit a host to connect with their audience over the phone. Sure, participants can hear what the host has to say. And you guessed it: They’re both easy ways to virtually speak with a large number of people and share a message.

But it seems as if the response to an elected official hosting a “telephone town hall” has become negative. They’re seen by constituents and staffers as an outdated way to communicate with constituents.

Access Live Difference

So, what makes Access Live so different? Access Live provides so much more than a telephone town hall.

Not only do they allow elected officials to effectively speak with constituents while they’re in their office in D.C., but they also help them reach more constituents than they do with telephone town halls and in-person town halls. They enable Members of Congress to reach constituents on a landline and their mobile device*, plus invite their audience to listen or watch the event on the elected official’s website and Facebook page.

Access Live gives constituents the flexibility to join anywhere. In-person town halls can only reach those who are able to attend, at the exact date and time that you’re available. Instead, give them the opportunity to hear from their representative wherever it’s convenient for them. Reach them wherever they may be – at home, at work, cooking dinner, or doing laundry.

Plus, Access Live events keep constituents engaged. They’re interactive, empowering elected officials to answer questions live through moderated Q&A, and give the host the ability to gain a better understanding of their audience by asking them to participate in polls throughout the event.

Thank you so much for figuring out the technology, I’m so glad I was able to listen in. Kudos for reaching out and being proactive and getting this information out to your constituents.”

– Voicemail from participant after Access Live event

Click below to expand and learn more about the differences between a telephone town hall and an Access Live event.

  • Contact constituents by phone.
  • Reach constituents over the phone to speak with a large number of people.
  • Quickly share your message.
  • Speak with constituents who have a landline at home.
  • Check a box.
  • Give constituents the flexibility to join by phone, mobile device, or participating on your website or Facebook page.
  • Reach as many constituents as possible by hosting your event on multiple platforms.
  • Share your message and host an interactive conversation, with moderated Q&A and polling.
  • Constituents can join the conversation from wherever they may be – at home, at work, commuting, cooking dinner, or doing laundry.
  • Gather registrants and participants on your official website with easy integration.
  • Engage with your social media followers by streaming your live event to your Facebook page.
  • Effortlessly drive engagement and raise awareness of upcoming events with a custom promotion plan.
  • Gain a better understanding of your constituents by asking them questions they can answer on their keypad or on your website’s streaming player.
  • Invite constituents who missed the event to hear the conversation after it happens and register to join future events.
  • Easily host the event remotely from your office, saving time and money while consistently speaking to your constituents.
  • Get direct access to a dedicated Account Management team to help you strategize your events, a dedicated Event Specialist that manages your events, and a Customer Care team that is committed to making your events successful.
  • Receive positive feedback from constituents.

Additional Benefits of Access Live

Access Live events also include:

Website Integration:
Build your Access Live presence on your official website, easily integrating a registration form and streaming player onto a page on your site. Direct traffic there to gather registrants and participants.

Audio and Video Stream:
Invite your constituents to listen to your event online, or even enhance the user experience by streaming high-quality video. Your audience still has the ability to ask questions and answer polls when participating online.

Custom Promotion Plan:
Raise awareness for your upcoming Access Live events with a custom promotion plan that allows you to effortlessly market your event with images and copy tailored to you. These plans include content and images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and emails. These assets help you effortlessly drive engagement and conversions.

Thank you for this. I’m sitting at the dinner table with my children, and this is an excellent way for them to get to know more about our elected representatives.” – Participant on Access Live event

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