Video Streaming: Speak with Your Audience Face-to-Face

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you may have noticed an enormous increase in virtual events over the past several months. People have found that hosting live streaming events online is the perfect engagement solution to continue interacting when meeting in person isn’t an option. Organizations, elected officials, and everyone in between, have found creative ways to make themselves accessible to those that need to hear from them.

A virtual event nowadays can range from a multitude of options. Hosts can find technology that allows them to call their audience on the phone, or stream the audio on their website, maybe even invite them to a panel where they can see guest hosts on video, or host a Facebook Live for their social media followers. Using Broadnet® technology, clients are able to create a custom event based on these options.

Since video is frequently used in virtual events, Broadnet created an easy, secure, and high-quality product that invites anywhere from one to eight hosts to join from different locations and speak to their audience.

Here’s what you need to know about hosting a multi-site video event with Broadnet:

Participants can engage with hosts in a remote, secure, and interactive conversation by answering polls and typing their questions, all while viewing the video on your website and/or Facebook page.

No software is required– all you and your guest hosts need is a laptop with a camera and microphone or smartphone, and an internet connection.

You can rest easy knowing a Broadnet Production Specialist is working behind-the-scenes to ensure your video streaming event runs smoothly, creating a premium-quality stream. This includes adding custom graphics, designed to match your branding, to the stream when appropriate.

Share a slideshow presentation, plus video clips throughout your event.

Multi-site video events are the ideal way to reach your audience when it’s not possible to meet face-to-face. Allow them to hear from and ask questions of hosts, plus give valuable feedback through polls. Let your audience know you’re listening and communicate important information to them when they need it most.

And since there is other technology available for virtual conversations, we’ve compiled a list of differentiators to show you why Broadnet is the option you should choose.

To start video streaming with Broadnet, contact [email protected] today.

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