Top 4 Benefits of Live Streaming Events

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There’s no question that live streaming events are on the rise. Currently, streaming video accounts for over 66% of ALL internet traffic, and is expected to jump to 82% by 2020*. And there’s a reason for that.

Here are the top benefits of live streaming and why YOU should make it part of your marketing and communications strategy:

Benefit #1: More Authentic Interaction with Your Audience

Live streaming invites your audience in – giving them a behind-the-scenes, exclusive look at your everyday life. Technology allows for you to have a conversation with them as they’re watching, making them feel like you’re talking with them, not to them.

Your audience wants to see where you work, where you live, where you spend your time. Show them that! There’s nothing more authentic than taking an hour out of your daily activities to spend time with your audience.

Benefit #2: Bring a Human Touch to Digital Marketing

When you think of digital marketing, most people see digital advertisements, social media, emails, blogs, infographics – something made for the masses. Live streaming brings a genuine interaction with your audience. Sure, it’s still online, but live streaming gives your digital marketing a human, personalized touch.

That voice they hear, that person they see, that represents your brand and gives them human interaction in a digital world.

Benefit #3: Create Content That Can Be Viewed Or Re-Purposed Later

Whether you’re creating clips from your live streaming event, or want to share the entire live stream later, you can gain mileage out of your event by repurposing the valuable content later. If your audience wasn’t able to watch it when you were live, or you had something really important to share that you just don’t want them to miss, by creating clips of your live event, you can distribute them among different platforms to increase the viewing of your message.

Easily add content to your marketing calendar with short, highlight clips of your live streaming event. Some of your audience may digest shorter videos better!

Benefit 4: Get Real-Time Audience Feedback

Some live streaming technology allows you to ask polls during your event. You can gather real-time feedback from your audience. Before your live stream, strategize what questions you want to ask which form of communication do they prefer? Are they interested about learning more about a product you are offering, or want to become an email subscriber? Any multiple choice questions you have for your audience can be asked during live streaming events using specific technology.


Did you know there’s a technology that allows you to take advantage of ALL the top benefits of live streaming?
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