4 Ways to Connect Throughout the School Year

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We live in a society in which most of us are constantly running from one thing to the next. There’s no time for relaxation, no time slots in our busy schedules to squeeze in yet another meeting or appointment, no time to stress over not… well, having enough time. We fill our calendars to the brim, weeks or months in advance, posing the question of how, in a society always on the move, institutions such as schools, are supposed to manage to reach and effectively communicate with its staff and students’ parents. Sounds nearly impossible, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we at Broadnet, have developed the perfect solution.

Through Access Live™ events, you can connect with thousands of alumni, staff, or parents in real-time, providing exclusive access and content, building support and gathering important information.

Keeping students safe has never been more important. We know our parents and community members are busy and have limited time to attend school meetings,” Diane Blain, director of community relations, said. “We wanted to try something different that would reach them in the comfort of their own homes to discuss this very important issue.” – Macomb Daily 

Here are a few ways Access Live events can be used in the world of education, and why YOUR school should be taking advantage of it:

Conveniently Connect With Your Audience

Access Live allows schools to address important issues and answer questions about topics that matter most to your staff and families of your students. The best part? The convenience of being able to get a call and participate from anywhere makes it possible for more people to join the conversation. You can reach your audience, no matter how big or small, wherever they are, regardless of what they are doing at the time of the event.

Nice Job, Angie! Very informative, and also more convenient than driving somewhere. I cooked dinner and did laundry during,” one participant said.

Due to higher numbers of participants, you can collect more data from poll questions and answer more audience questions than you would in an in-person meeting. The interaction factor is what makes Access Live events so successful – they are more than just a way to communicate with your alumni, staff, students, and their families. It’s a way to gather information that can improve your school, and in turn, impact the community as a whole. Your audience can really be a part of the event, and that feeling of inclusion boosts participation rates. It all boils down to this: more information that your school can use and benefit from.

Ask your community a question that will help you make decisions based on the data collected. Here is an example of a question asked during an Access Live event: 

Which of the following school security enhancements would you most like to see?

More outside entry barriers: 42%
Stronger classroom doors: 28%
More panic buttons: 16%
More school cameras: 14%

Collect Valuable Data By Asking Questions & Using Polls

Use Access Live to get a conversation going about issues that are important to your audience. Past school event discussions have included issues such as security and safety, plans and details about upcoming building projects and construction, fundraising and spending, plus, opportunities for students in terms of college applications and preparation.

Superintendent of Ross School District discussed increasing opportunities for students to prepare them for college and careers and creating learning spaces that maximize student collaboration and innovation.

Invite Special Guest Hosts

Having special guests join in on events, such as a school Superintendent, the President of the Board of Education, or even the County Sheriff, is a great way to allow listeners to be part of a conversation that provides them with a new perspective and answers to all of their questions. It’s a great way to have the right community members address any concerns your audience may have. 

Stream Online To Reach More Of Your Audience

Online streaming allows listeners to access your event, almost as if it’s a podcast episode. By allowing them to listen at work or during their commute, streaming makes it possible for more people to fit the event into their daily activities. Streaming the event online also means that, not only can people participate wherever they are, they can also be informed after the fact, if the time of the event conflicts with their schedules. Repurposing clips from streamed events by including them in newsletters and social media posts is a great way to reach your entire audience and get the most out of your Access Live event.

Interested in learning more about how you can improve your digital forums and reach your entire audience, all at once? See how you can use Access Live to listen, plan, and share.

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